Metro Farm Pte. Ltd. is an innovative company that specializes in cutting edge smart aquaponics farming systems that help increase domestic food production for Singapore to enhance our food security. Metro Farm has its own full scale commercial farm at Dkranji Farm Resort that produces various fishes and crops for the local markets.


Metro Farm Pte. Ltd. provides a wide range of aquaponics solutions from satellite commercial farming systems which can be deployed in an size any dimensions on all types of land and area within Singapore, outdoor aquaponics garden systems, aquaponics educational learning systems, Eco-learning kits and educational workshops.


We strongly believe in the value of our aquaponics systems towards tackling food shortages problems and have great vision of promoting and educating to the public and educational sector through field trips for preschoolers, MOE and the RC and CC communities. In the pipeline, our OAS Urban Farming Education Center will be coming soon.


Metro Farm currently have over 6 farms around the island. Our local aquaponics farmers work hard towards creating 30x30 Food Security Vision and Sustainability for the little red dot! Spanning a total combined area of about 60,000sqft, we grow a variety of organic vegetables and organic fishes to meet our local food demands. To know about our Aquaponics Farm, please click on CONTACT US and find out more. Thank you!