Metro Farm (MF)’s Multiloop IOT High Tech Urban Rooftop Aquaponics farming facility aims to provide an interactive learning experience that combines science, nature, and sustainability.

The main objectives of the Aquaponics Urban Farm Education Tour are to introduce students to aquaponics and sustainable urban farming, foster an understanding of the interdependent relationship between plants and aquatic animals, encourage hands-on engagement and curiosity, promote safety awareness, and facilitate a stronger academic foundation prior to entering Primary School.

During the tour, students will observe and interact with various fish and plant species in our aquaponics system, learning about their interdependence and the basic principles of photosynthesis, nutrient cycling, and the water cycle.

They will engage in hands-on activities such as planting seeds and monitoring plant growth, fostering responsibility and a connection to nature. Key concepts covered include aquaponics, plant life cycle, and food production, highlighting the benefits of urban farming and sustainability.

Safety measures are of utmost importance to us. Teachers will be trained to conduct the learning journey and guides from Metro Farm’s Education Partner, High Achievers. High Achievers will also supervise onsite visits to the farm to ensure adherence to safety protocols and SFA licensing regulations. All equipment and tools will be child-friendly, and close supervisions will be provided. Our facility maintains high standards of hygiene and cleanliness, including regular sanitization and handwashing stations.

We also offer a potential long-term arrangement where students can visit weekly to check, monitor, and learn about the growth of the plants they hand-plant themselves. This arrangement fosters a continued connection to nature, reinforces concepts learned during the tour, and develops a sense of ownership and responsibility.

Participating in the MF Urban Aquaponics Farm Tour will provide students with an enhanced understanding of scientific concepts, improved observation and critical thinking skills, development of social skills, and strengthened academic readiness. These outcomes will support their transition into Primary School and serve as a solid foundation for their academic journey.

We are excited to welcome your preschool students to our urban aquaponics farm and provide them with a memorable and enriching learning experience. Please feel free to contact us to discuss any specific requirements or questions you may have.


At Metro Farm, we come to work each day because we want to solve the major problem faced by many countries in the world. Food scarcity. Food scarcity is a serious concern faced by many countries, especially in the rural areas.


There are many reasons for food scarcity such as crop failure, climate change and air/water pollution. In addition, the rate of population increase is also higher than the increase in food production. In the process to increase food production levels, farmers may resort to burning farmland to fertilise the land or excessive fishing by fishermen, which creates an imbalance to Mother Nature and the food chain.

Being a small country, Singapore relies heavily on imports to meet and sustain our daily needs for vegetables and meat. There must be a more sustainable way to achieve our food self-sufficiency. This has led us to the discovery of aquaponics – a sustainable way of farming that rears crops and fishes at the same time without creating a negative impact on the environment.


Through our experience in adapting aquaponics in Singapore, we discover the value that aquaponics can help bring the community together and provide job opportunities to help the less privileged and senior citizens.


We believe that Metro Farm Aquaponics Farming System and our experiences also offer valuable learning for 21st century skills and future jobs. Through our collective efforts and out-reaching programmes to educational schools and institutions, we hope to promote a new way of life that we all can do our part to contribute to the society and at the same time strengthen our food resiliency.


Metro Farm Aquaponics Academy (MFAA) was established in 2020 in collaboration with High Achievers Outdoor Consultants to share our farming experience and techniques to all who are interested in the new and exciting field. Today Metro Farm has an active network of 9 Intensive Aquaponics Commercial Farms which poses new and demanding real-world challenges. We draw from established solutions and share current challenges as part of our lesson plans and farm tours.


MFAA offers both high tech indoor and outdoor learning experiences facilitated by High Achievers who have over 12 years of experiences in life skills education. We look forward to understanding your needs and bringing you along on our exciting journey!