Oceansing Aquaponics System Research Prototype


With years of experimentation on a small-scale implementation, Metro Farm then embarked on a commercial scale indoor aquaponics prototype to research the farming productivity and further refine the efficiency of the system and the ratio optimization between crops and fishes. Through numerous testing and improvements, Metro Farm was able to enhance and come out our customized Oceansing Aquaponics System(OAS). The OAS is fully modular and scalable for farming areas of practically any sizes.

Our OAS research prototype being an indoor facility does not have access to the abundance of sunlight. Hence, special growth lighting are utilized to provide the lighting required. With the usage of growth lighting, the production of crops can be monitored and controlled. Each crop will receive adequate growth lighting and maximum growth rate can be ensured by regulating the number of sunlight hours that the crops get. This is achievable via the smart monitoring system and the automation of the growth lighting.

Advances in smart automation and monitoring technologies allow the OAS to be enhanced to remotely monitor and control the status of various water parameters in the system. The smart automation and monitoring technologies can be achieved through cascading series of different functional modules together to provide sensor readings that gives simple straight forward indication of how well both the crops and fishes are growing. The smart automation and monitoring technologies can monitor various water parameters such as pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, oxygen, temperature, water level, and provide the option to remotely control various equipment that balance the system.

Metro Farm is capable of automating your farm and provides training on how to operate the various smart sensors and monitoring equipment under our OAS systems. Metro Farm also provides 24/7 remote monitoring of the aquaponics systems to ensure the safety of the system.




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