Preschool Learning with Oceansing Aquaponics Garden

Since 2016, Mindchamps Preschool @ Marina Country Club is the first preschool that has an aquaponics garden ecosystem to aid students in their learning while growing crops and fishes at the same time!

Punggol Norhshore is the largest Mindchamps Preschool to date, spanning 15,000 sq feet across spacious classrooms and outstanding facilities catering to 140 students. The Mindchamps Preschool brand is synonymous with cutting edge curriculum based on a 2036 model of education, a model which addresses the question of what will the world of 2036 look like for the children of today and how we can prepare them for that world?

Metro Farm is honoured to provide our Oceansing Aquaponics Garden as part of their learning platform to educate students on sustainable urban farming. Our customized Oceansing Aquaponics Garden ecosystem comprises an outdoor aquaponics system that taps on natural sunlight to provide growth for the crops. The amazing fact about the Aquaponics Garden is that it is a closed-loop re-circulating sustainable system that produces its own nutrients and purifies the water in the process. The system is safe to use and has continuous water flow that prevents the breeding of mosquitoes.  The Aquaponics Garden is also equipped with smart automation sensors that cultivate the interest and curiosity of students to understand more about how our crops and fishes grow.

The Oceansing Aquaponics Garden provides a safe and controlled learning environment where students can get to touch and feel for themselves the natural world and living things around us. The Oceansing Aquaponics Garden helps to enhance the science knowledge that students may only be exposed at a later stage, such as photosynthesis, respiration and life cycles of fishes and plants. In addition, the Oceansing Aquaponics Garden helps to cultivate the physical, social and emotional development of individuals through personal involvement and self-exploration.

The Oceansing Aquaponics Garden provides the first step where students invoke their curiosity about the natural environment around us and observe for themselves the natural life cycles of crops and fishes which they can apply to in the later stages of their life.

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