Sustainable Eco Living

One of the most important things we can help the Earth is to educate our residents in sustainable methods. With the increasing needs of the Earth’s population, we need to be conscious of the resources that we are using and start looking for other methods to reduce our need or find ways to reuse the resources. Residents needs to be educated that they can help provide food for themselves, for our community, on a much smaller scale compared to traditional farming. At the same time these residents can learn valuable life skills that make them more productive members of society.

Creating an Inclusive Community

Metro Farm has successfully setup the 1st Eco Green Community Garden using Oceansing Aquaponics System(OAS) within the Tampines industrial estate. The TIPA Community Garden @ 9007 Tampines uses high tech OAS smart farming monitoring system and sensors, with grow towers to cultivate crops and fishes within the Community Garden. The OAS provide a self-sustainable system and remote monitoring of water parameters to enhance the crop productivity and yield.

The TIPA Community Garden aims to instill a sense of bonding between the community and the SMEs to contribute efforts towards Zero Waste and a green eco-friendly environment!

Buildup of Community Garden at Tampines 9007


Official Opening and Showcase of Community Garden


Community Showcase at Simei Neighbourhood