Metro Farm innovates by creating customized aquaponics learning solutions for schools and educational institutions. Our AquaLAB is ideal for teaching and learning in classroom environment where teachers can relate the science concepts with an actual size system to reinforce the concepts. Teachers can use the AquaLAB as an teaching tool and provide students the platform for them to see, explore, touch and feel for themselves what science actually is as nature works its magic. Students can readily observe the growth of the crops and fishes daily as they come to classes.


The AquaLAB is an ecosystem that is customized and enhanced by Metro Farm technical experts to enable the growing of crops and fishes in one system only. The aquaponics ecosystem combines the strengths of traditional aquaculture and hydroponics growing methods to complement each other and strike the balance for both crops and fishes to co-exist together. The basic principle of aquaponics relies on feeding the fish and using the produced fish waste as essential nutrients for the crops. The fish waste are broken down by microbes and worms to produce the essential nutrients that are absorbed by the crops. Through this process, the crops help to clean and purify the water back to the fishes.


Aquatic ecosystems cultivate student curiosity on the different living things in each ecosystem. Students can also design their own ecosystem based on their own creativity. They can also learn to better appreciate the environment and enhance their understanding through e-learning on smart devices at school or home.