Aquaponics for Sustainable Education

1. Child Development
Cultivate physical, social and emotional development through personal involvement in aquaponics.

2. Enhance Science Knowledge
Understanding and recognizing the lifecycles of fishes and plants and the photosynthesis process and cultivate their curiosity in the process.

3. Understanding The Natural World Around Us
Creating the environment to interact with the natural world and cultivate values and appreciation for the living things around us.

4. Self-Sustainable System
The aquaponics system is a self-sustainable system that requires minimum effort. The fishes produce nutrients (waste) for the crops while the crops absorb the nutrients and purify the water back to the fishes.

5. Promote Organic Healthy Foods
Children get to understand what is 100% organic food without fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals. Excite children on eating healthy food and letting them grow food to bring back and share with their families.

6. Mosquito-Free
Aquaponics systems are recirculating with continuous water flow that will inhibit the growth of mosquitoes.